Brightness TeethingNow back in the homeland after half a decade across the pond, Brightness AKA Alex Knight has released his debut, Teething.

Part observant wallflower and part intimate journal entry, every sprawling, scuzzed-out half-strum of his guitar is met with an equal contrasting measure of heartening, intimate lyricism. Opener Oblivion epitomises this most, while Waltz is an instantly endearing acoustic lullaby – recorded on a ¼” reel-to-reel single microphone – and Talk To Me takes comfort in not knowing. It’s hard to put your finger on the narrative of the record at times; there are moments of both hope and hopelessness, fleeting feelings of frustration and of life’s uncertainties. Musically, the record drifts from between contrasting sounds (Knight plays nearly every instrument here) – Teething is a time capsule entry into Brightness’ introverted world.

Teething is out now via I OH YOU.

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