Calpurnia Scout EPAlthough it’s cool that Finn Wolfhard (Mike from Stranger Things) fronts Calpurnia, that’s actually the least cool thing about this band.

The Canadian teen four-piece agree that their all-time favourite group is The Beatles, and those icons’ absurdist, jangling, free-wheeling qualities permeate the sophisticated Scout EP. Beginning with the breezy bongos and wandering electric guitar melody of Louie, Wolfhard’s squidgy, Gene Ween half-yell opens out into a loose and graceful half-time jam The Rapture would be proud of. Wasting Time is a Hawaii Five-O lark and Greyhound highlights Jack Anderson’s sprightly little basslines; “I feel out of whack,” Wolfhard sings. But the best part is the work of 17-year-old lead guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe, whose vivid electric solos tremble and scream and dive like birds. Truly-ruly cannot wait for the full-length.

Scout EP is out June 15 via Pod/Inertia.

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