ceres we are a teamWith their backs against the wall, staring down their non-existence as a band, Ceres pivoted and wrote a goddamn love album.

Considering the condemning and self-deprecating history of frontman Tom Lanyon’s songwriting, it’s a surprising lyrical shift, for the now five-piece (the newest member being multi-instrumentalist Stacey Cicivelli). Musically, the band continue to build songs with swirling intent and emotional affirmation – only now, these tracks leave you with a Dumb Smile on your face.

Many of the songs on third album We Are A Team scream unflinching and uplifting optimism – you can’t help but feel happy that Lanyon has finally found his happy place in this crazy world. I Feel Better Outside is a thrilling declaration, Viv In The Front Seat a sobering take on a mistake, and Me & You an arrow straight from Cupid’s bow. It will clear your skin, take the rubbish out, make you a tea and pat you on the head. Try it today!

We Are A Team is out now via Cooking Vinyl. 

Buy now at JB Hi-Fi

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