Charlie Collins SnowpineI wasn’t ready for this album to get me so good. I guess that’s the storyteller in Tamworth-born songwriter Charlie Collins coming out.

Her songs are grand and restrained without a hint of ego. Hazy guitars and a mist of country heritage lingers over the record, but it’s the authenticity in her humble lyrical content that makes Snowpine the emotional, thought-provoking record it is. Many of the album’s themes centre around memories: her own, and her family’s and friends’. Of them, the sublime self-discovery of Mexico and the empowering Beautifully Blind shine bright in a star-filled album.

Collins branched out on her own in a search for clarity; I hope she found it while on the road to releasing this honest and wonderfully overwhelming record.

Snowpine is out May 31 via Mirror Records.

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