Album c over artwork for Chris Cheney with Pink vinyl record popping outIt’s the morning after the night before and you’re dealing with the damage and the debris. After eight albums with The Living End, Chris Cheney’s debut solo LP is a redemption story.

“Sometimes the only way we ever learn/ Is after we’ve already crashed and burned,” he notes in 2AM.

Despite enjoying major success, Cheney is confronting darkness and demons, the loss of family and friends, and a yearning for the days of innocence. The centrepiece of the record is Still Got Friday on My Mind, a heartbreaking hit that deals with his dad’s death. “I wasn’t there when I should have been,” he sings. “And now I only see you in dreams.”

With a nod to the classic American songwriters like Springsteen and Tom Petty, Cheney has adeptly made it through to the other side, still “holding on to our impossible dreams.”

The Storm Before the Calm by Chris Cheney is out June 17 via Liberator.

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