CHVRCHES’ strength has always been their ability to put the ghost in the shell – the warmth in the electro – which makes this Poltergeist-esque cover art for third album Screen Violence so perfect.

But if you look closely you’ll see that the hand isn’t pressing into or out of the TV screen; it’s lifting the blinds, peeking at some unknown horrorshow that threatens to maybe kick off an IRL Droste effect.

Once again the Scottish three-piece delight with their knack for infusing bittersweetness with immense warmth, investigating the conflicts that occur through and adjacent to our black mirrors via shimmering experiments into synth arpeggios and textured breakbeats. Lauren Mayberry’s singular voice remains the queen of this gleaming sonic habitat, though a guest spot from The Cure’s Robert Smith on How Not To Drown is a total treat.

Screen Violence by CHVRCHES is out August 27 – including on JB-exclusive transparent blue vinyl, pictured above – via Liberation.

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