Citizen-As-You-PleaseAs You Please isn’t a drastic departure from anything that Citizen have attempted before, but is certainly another step of away from debut album Youth – both in its deep, lush sound and its expansive, ambitious scope.

Like Title Fight or Brand New, the Michigan band have found their niche outside of the post-hardcore scene in which they were discovered. Opening single Jet appeases those searching for something more familiar, its raw edge capturing the intense live presence the five-piece are adored for.

But the most interesting parts of this record come when you find the band at their most decisive: the choral bridge and distortion through In The Middle Of It All; the dredging bass line that haunts You Are A Star; the quiet confidence in World’s vocals. Albums like As You Please are often typecast as sad and bleak, but dig a little deeper into Citizen’s third record and you’ll find an optimistic crack of sunshine pushing through an otherwise dark thunderstorm.

As You Please is out now via Cooking Vinyl/Run For Cover.

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