Clipping album coverThere Existed an Addiction to Blood is the ominous title of clipping’s latest LP. The LA trio are known for forensic investigations into hip hop traditions – analysing the DNA and rewriting the stems to make new and unheard forms.

For this task the group are uniquely qualified: William Hutson wrote a Ph.D. dissertation on experimental music, Jonathan Snipes composes film scores, and Daveed Diggs earned a Grammy and a Tony for his performance in Hamilton.

Here, Clipping take their microscope and scalpel to horrorcore, a subgenre pioneered by groups like Gravediggaz who explored the darker side of human nature, often with a sense of the supernatural. As a quick side-note, Frukwan of the Gravediggaz explained the name this way: “It means digging graves of the mentally dead, and it stood [for] resurrecting the mentally dead from their state of unawareness and ignorance.”

It’s a mission that seeps into Clipping‘s new work. The trio evoke chilling dread with their tense tales, gothic theatre and eerie beats. The conclusion arrives with Piano Burning, a performance of a piece written by avant-garde composer Annea Lockwood. We listen in stunned silence as the smouldering sound of the instrument sounds its last, crackling to ash.

There Existed An Addiction To Blood by Clipping is out October 18 via Sub Pop.

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