Cold Chisel Blood Moon“Baby, can’t go on pretending there’ll ever be a happy ending,” Jimmy Barnes declares in Boundary Street, one of the many highlights of Cold Chisel’s ninth studio album, and their first since 2015.

But if one thing is certain, it’s that Chisel’s legacy is assured.

They are rightly revered as one of our greatest rock bands. With nothing to prove, it’s surprising they can be bothered toiling in the studio making a new album. Even more admirably, they have crafted a record that crackles with the vitality of a band just starting out. Jimmy Barnes takes centre stage, writing lyrics for four of the 10 tracks, delivering the lead vocals on seven songs and sharing vocal duties with Ian Moss on two others. Barnesy’s words might lack the subtlety and intrigue of Don Walker’s work, but they take no prisoners. He sings of a “land of hate and land of whoring”, while Killing Time is as ferocious as anything he’s done since You Got Nothing I Want. “We made our choice,” he spits. “We have no voice. It’s killing time.”

There’s an edge to this record, but then it’s all wrapped up with Mossy’s gorgeous soul-pop gem You Are So Beautiful. Forty-six years after Chisel started, the fire still burns and they can still surprise.   

Blood Moon by Cold Chisel is out now via Cold Chisel/Universal.

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