Album cover artwork for Yesteryear by Cosmo's MidnightBesides a testament to how restrictions can stoke innovation, the music video for Yesteryear encapsulates Cosmo’s Midnight as a project.

A collage of green screen-shot animations and intercut with Zoom brainstorming posits the duo as eager collaborators as well as canny cut-up artists, drawing whatever influences they can find to make something wholly new. Their second album shows more mature songwriting and a stronger sense of self, but nostalgia for the past. Even as they define themselves on their own terms, they’re apprehensive about what they’ve left behind.

But if their last album reappropriated the past, here they’re creating the future. As inheritors of the Modular-era mantle, they have nothing to worry about. Memories of yesteryear might make them wistful, but the present is bright.

Yesteryear by Cosmo’s Midnight is out October 2 via Sony.

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