Crooked Colours LangataLiam, Leon and Phil: just a few fellas from WA who slapped their beat-love onto the pottery wheel and lovingly molded it into a booming international career.

(Tennessee’s Bonaroo Festival and Delaware’s Firefly Festival are just a couple of the big operations who’ve come knocking to sign mid-year performances, aside from our own Groovin the Moo.)

New album Langata lays it all thoroughly out: Chupa Chup sparkle amongst rusted guitar, plucked violin and cabasa chopped into little mosaics, puffs of synthhorn around tambo taps, and deep beats cuddling intuitive, sensitive vocals (think Alt-J or Gorillaz- Albarn). This album and those shows are going to gather the artful trio a sturdy following.

Langata is out May 17 via Sweat It Out.

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