album cover for Freeze Melt by Cut CopyWhere 2017’s Haiku From Zero focused on the disorienting dazzle of modernity, Freeze, Melt takes a relatively inward turn.

The nervous and restless energy is gone, replaced by fully encompassing and more reflective walls of sound. Despite the relative nudge towards calmness, Freeze, Melt is deceptively loud and busy, conjuring all the claustrophobia of being stuck and hurting for freedom. It weaves from one beautiful contemplative track to the next, and in places where old Cut Copy might have led to an epic breakdown and release of tension, instead the tension continues to mount.

It’s a stunning inversion of energy for a band most known for their dance-it-out hits, but shows they’re not afraid to find new territory.

Freeze, Melt by Cut Copy is out Friday Aug 21 via Cutter Records/The Orchard.

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