David Rawlings Poor David's AlmanackDavid Rawlings is a guitar man, and so much more. As Gillian Welch’s singing and musical partner on all of her albums, Rawlings occasionally steps out to offer up his own thang.

On his third release – this time dropping “The Machine” moniker – you’ll find many of his amazingly talented friends again: Welch of course, but also Willie Watson, Ketch Secor (OCMS), Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith (Dawes) and others. It’s just like an old time, back porch, all-in sing-a-long, harking back to days gone. This is acoustic and electric American folk and country, recorded live to analog tape at Rawlings’ Woodlands Studio in Nashville – real American music packed with technical excellence and good times.

Poor David’s Almanack is out August 10 via Acony Records.

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