Django Django Marble SkiesIt’s been three years since these lads released a record, and it’s clear they’ve put the time to good use; Marble Skies provides the chill-out vibes and dancey rock tunes the world’s been missing.

Django Django have managed to combine rock beats with party anthems to produce a cocktail of dancefloor dreaminess, part knees-up air-punch, part foot-tappin’ Sunday arvo with a cuppa. An espresso martini of a record, if you will. Drums and synth come together as one on Tic-Tac-Toe with some sick vocals to boot, and Beam Me Up is Trekkian in both name and nature. Come to think of it, the whole album’s got a weird, ethereal feel to it. Is this the Djangos’ attempt at soundtracking the universe? Have a gander and find out.

Marble Skies is out January 19 via Caroline.

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