DREAMS’ debut album features a song called Odd Party, which is perhaps a good description of the record.

This is a party where you never feel entirely comfortable; the DJ doesn’t allow you to get into a groove, refusing to play it safe, eschewing crowd-pleasing bangers in favour of challenging the dancefloor with some unpredictable electro fare. DREAMS is, of course, the long-awaited collaboration between Silverchair’s Daniel Johns and Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele, who met when Steele’s previous band, The Sleepy Jackson, supported Silverchair in 2004.

In many ways, this is Johns’ Max Q – the sound of a rocker hooking up with an electronic adventurer: “I just want a new kind of life,” he declares inYoung Minds. The result is a cosmic trip; call it electro punk (not-so-sweet DREAMS). Prince is an obvious touchpoint, but more his weirder later work than his hit-making days in the ’80s. I’m sure that Steele’s followers will enjoy the ride, while Silverchair fans will probably go, “Huh?” But it does confirm that Daniel Johns is a great artist – one who’s not afraid to take chances and push his boundaries.

No One Defeats Us is out Sept 14 via EMI.

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