Dune Rats Hurry Up And WaitIt’s the Year of the Rat, so it’s the perfect time for Dune Rats to follow their 2017 chart-topping album, The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit.

Now, there had been some disturbing rumours that Dune Rats were all grown-up and mature. Fortunately, Hurry Up And Wait proves they’re still potty-mouthed pop stars. The expletive-laden intro, a voice message from their mate Bobby D, sets the scene for a rousing collection of party pop punk. “We got lots of bad habits, we do,” admits singer Danny Beusa, “Lots of bad habits to lose.” Bad Habits is followed by Stupid Is As Stupid Does and If My Bong Could Talk.

But dismissing Dune Rats as dumb rockers would be selling them short. If Weezer were a bunch of Brisbane bogans they would sound like Dune Rats – and, yes, that’s a compliment. Hurry Up And Wait is a series of short, sharp jabs that will leave you punch-drunk but smiling – and their success shows that kids still wanna rock. No Plans is a glorious celebration of being in a band, then there’s the final track, Mountains Come And Go But Aussie Pub Rock Lives On (Forever). This record is enormously entertaining. “Boring’s always dead, there’s a party in my head,” Beusa sings. Yep, it’s the Year of the Rat.

Hurry Up And Wait by Dune Rats is out January 31 via Ratbag/BMG.

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