Album cover artwork for Duran Duran with white vinyl record popping outBecause this is Duran Duran, you just know that any provocative whispers throughout the album once escaped the lips of supermodels.

“Anyway, lover, what do I have to do?/ When it’s all over/ I’d give it all up for you” – Simon Le Bon flexes his immense vocal range throughout standout banger Give It All Up (feat. Tove Lo), which we can’t wait to hear blasting through nightclub speakers – one of this album’s producers is DJ Erol Alkan, which speaks volumes.

Elsewhere: lead single Invisible incorporates Graham Coxon’s dazzling, textured guitar work; Anniversary features a Hungry Like The Wolf-esque “doo-doo-doo” chorus refrain; retro Japanese video games inform More Joy! (feat. CHAI); and emerging British rapper Ivorian Doll embodies a Marvel-comic goddess on the slap-bass enhanced Hammerhead.

For tragic Duranies (guilty!), all of the band’s treasured sonic elements are here in abundance: the elastic funk of John Taylor’s basslines, Roger Taylor’s metronomic drumming, Nick Rhodes’ masterful synth arpeggiation, and Le Bon’s poetic lyricism (“But a voiceless crowd isn’t backing down and the air turns red with their loaded hesitation” – I mean…).

To honour Duran’s greatest influence, Bowie’s pianist of choice Mike Garson elevates closer Falling, his nuanced playing floating beneath woozy, bendy vocal
harmonies – pure bliss! Whether or not Duran Duran form an integral part of your musical fandom, Future Past captures an already fab band revitalised by their
inspired collaborative choices.

Future Past by Duran Duran is out Oct 22 via BMG.

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