DZ Deathrays Bloody LovelyBloody Lovely is the title of Brisbane duo DZ Deathrays’ third album, and funnily enough, that’s exactly how I would describe it, too.

It’s easy to forget that this huge, euphoric wall of sound has been built by just two people; this record is a huge progression for the band and their most rounded and mature effort to date. Like all great rock albums you’ve heard (and that’s exactly what this is: a great rock album) there are moments that resonate with the listener even after the song has finished. You tap along to the frenzied backbeats, you rock out with your Fender air guitar, you hum the riffs during your day and sing along in the car at the top of your voice when you motor home at night.

Bloody Lovely is littered with those moments: Shane Parson’s blood-curdling shriek kicking off the tracklist on Shred For Summer, the dishevelled Californian punk riffs in Guillotine, all 71 seconds of the mosh-inducing Bad Influence, and the irresistibly catchy chorus of Total Meltdown to name but a few.

Bloody Lovely is out Feb 2 via I OH YOU.

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