On Part 2 of the band’s Positive Rising ‘double album’ (Part 1 dropped last year), DZ Deathrays fearlessly push the envelope.

Demonic riffs and percussive-chant vocals evoke Kasabian during opener Skeleton Key before the chorus melody tips its hat to baggy. Fear The Anchor (feat. Ecca Vandal) boasts a chorus affirmation worth repeating (“I/ Won’t let the fear wash over”); Swept Up deals sleazy, strip-club vibes; and sophisticated closer Positive Rising is Sabbath-level epic, with dynamic shifts aplenty plus sneaky, fuzzed-out bonus outro.

Throughout Positive Rising: Part 2, undoubtedly DZ Deathrays’ most guitar-heavy record to date, Shane Parsons regulates vocal nuances like never before (Kerosene), guitarist Lachlan Ewbank slays multitudinous ways (see: the hilariously titled Riff City) and Simon Ridley’s drumming can only be described as majestic.

Positive Rising: Part 2 is out July 9, including on clear/orange/purple splatter vinyl (pictured above) via I Oh You.

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