TeddywaddySuspended cinematic strings, an electric guitar thrum, a heavy drum beat, and the feeling of holding your breath in a vast, airless place. This is how it starts with Steeple People, the opening track on the anticipated second LP from East Brunswick All Girls Choir.

And it ends with Teddywaddy‘s final minutes, a storming crescendo and the words of singer Marcus Hobbs through a trail of distortion: “The river’s dried up like the dam did, we saw it.” We almost taste the dust. Hobbs portrays each landscape, each inhabitant with intense detail, immersing the listener in a vivid, troubled world. The music also strikes with expressive skill, offering exquisite melancholic moments of reflections, cathartic punk, and soaring rock ballads.

Teddywaddy is out June 29 via Milk! Records/Remote Control.

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