Eilen Jewell GypsyEilen (sounds like “feelin’”) Jewell is from Boise, Idaho, and started singing in public as a busker in Santa Fe around 20 years ago. Over time she released eight albums, including a tribute to her hero Loretta Lynn and a record of rare blues gems.

Jewell sings about the world as she sees it, and on her latest, Gypsy, she gives us songs that are personal and political, pissed off and blissed out. The songs say it, but boy does she sing it. Known as the “Queen of the minor key”, vocally her sound is from a bygone era. With a voice that is honeyed, comforting, effortless and sassy, she spans rollicking country, honky tonk, soul and blues.

Thank you Eilen: I’m hearing you, and singing along.

Gypsy by Eilen Jewell is out August 16 via Signature Sounds.

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