Album cover artwork for Acts of Rebellion by Ela MinusEarlier this year Ela Minus performed a live streamed set from her studio space in Bogotá. A unique opportunity to witness the prodigious polymath at work, we see an array of samplers, synths and sequencers, carefully interconnected and covered in small notes.

“Bright music for dark times” reads one pink post-it. “Be Here” reads another, a simple call to presence affixed to the mixer, as the artist draws us into an immersive set of techno, electro and pop.

This focus, and this fascination with music and its transformative potential, has taken Ela Minus from performing in hardcore bands at the age of 12, to a scholarship at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, to designing and building synthesizers at New York’s Critter & Guitari. Acts of Rebellion is her debut for the prestigious Domino Records.

Throughout the record Ela threads together a rich range of sound, connecting ambient electronic, breakbeat, deep house, techno, and synth pop. It’s a timely reminder of the euphoria of a dancefloor, matched with reflective, more meditative moments. Ela reflects on “interpersonal connection, political despair, and embracing presence as a first step towards collective care.”

Acts Of Rebellion by Ela Minus is out October 32 via Domino.

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