Wizard Bloody Wizard“Slip into the void, slip into the void,” Jus Osborn repeats over the glistening sludge that consumes the end of The Reaper; the invitation is like a witch with a poisoned apple.

Of the six tracks on Electric Wizard’s Wizard Bloody Wizard, five of them crack six minutes (two of those by a very long shot), and when the last notes of these hypnotic dirges disappear around the corner you are genuinely disappointed to have had your 10-minute groove spell broken. Slow, searing lead licks from Osborn follow awesomely loose drums – Simon Poole’s ride cymbal fizzes like a cauterised snake on the fantastic Necromania – while bass from Clayton Burgess sometimes sits back as patient as a priest, and sometimes flings alarmingly up a scale (Hear The Sirens Scream). This is something like Gish-era Smashing Pumpkins (Osborn’s voice bears a resemblance to Billy Corgan’s renowned yowl, although he lets the instruments create most of the melody to complement his incantations) with a much, much dirtier heart. Marvellous.

Wizard Bloody Wizard is out November 24 on vinyl and CD via Spinefarm/Caroline.

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