Endless Heights Vicious Pleasure Album CoverThere’s some grand imagery going on across the second album from Sydney’s Endless Heights.

On You Cowards, the jiggering, subsonic vocals sound like singer Joe Martorana is desperately fighting a kelp-clogged undertow. Toxic is bookended by fuming, quaking guitars bending very slowly up to their destination chords, like something huge and gilled rising out of the water. Across the whole, guitar effects sort of meander where they will, sliding down a scale like an exhausted person down a wall.

On stand-out Goldleaf, Martorana showcases some great, subtly swerving vocal ideas that circle around a dime, and the heartache is palpable. Some of his lyrics can be a little pedestrian, but all up, this is a very imaginative release.

Vicious Pleasure is out now via Cooking Vinyl.

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