Everything Everything A Fever DreamI’m pleased to report that Everything Everything’s ability to successfully squish a sackload of experiments into one canny pop gem hasn’t dulled in the two years since the critically acclaimed Get To Heaven.

That very Radiohead thing of mixing lyrical platitudes (“I want to be done by twenty to four” from single Can’t Do) with cryptic or mangled aphorisms (“I don’t want your cake, I never eat it anyway” from stand-out Run The Numbers) is very much present; I’m not sure if Jonathan Higgs is using his personal pronoun more than he used to, but A Fever Dream seems more candid than its predecessors. Start with the gorgeous Put Me Together, which perfectly illustrates the mastery of dynamism and ‘eclectic cohesion’ the English four-piece possess.

A Fever Dream is out August 18 via Sony.

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