summerskin eves karydasThere are little pieces from Eves Karydas’ life from all around the world in her debut release, summerskin: from a childhood in Cairns and Brisbane, creative pilgrimages to Los Angeles via Melbourne, and finally where she finds herself now, in London.

And while it feels like the long way around, summerskin wouldn’t exist without it.

While we’ve known her as Eves and Eves the Behaviour – her parents even know her as Hannah – you would think that this record would be about finding herself. It’s not. That discovery simply preludes the honest reflections and confidence we hear on the album. Her voice is stronger, her writing more meaningful and her message more empowering. Inspired opener Hush throws shade on an ex, Couch is dripping in conviction, There For You wistfully chases melancholy and Further Than the Planes Fly breaks the adverse shackles that restricted her before.

Just like her newly discovered power, summerskin is one of the strongest releases of the year in a booming Australian pop scene.

summerskin is out September 28 via Dew Process.

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