Foals Everything Not Saved Part 1The first of two albums to come this year from English lads Foals might be themed around the bleak state of our world – its lyrical content all gloom and doom – but that doesn’t mean you can’t dance to it.

With ten tracks that melt into one another, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 still feels inexplicably like a Foals album, but the instrumentation is more experimental, a throwback to their Antidotes era and ten leaps into the future all at once.

There is a lot going on musically but nothing seems out of place, with shiny Easter egg rewards appearing on multiple listens. Lead single Exits bouts with post-Millennial dread wrapped up in slick metaphors; screeching guitars and cowbells ring through On The Luna; and while Syrups starts as a slow burner, it quickly becomes the album’s all-consuming centre point.

The most notable feature of the record, though, is its fluidity – Foals have allowed it to take its own form organically, with no precursors or expectations.

Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1 is out March 8 via Warner.

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