album cover of A Hero's Death by Fontaines D.C.Opener I Don’t Belong (“… to anyone…”) reads as a Declaration of Independence as Fontaines D.C. fearlessly reveal their softer side on album #2.

There’s still ample anthems with riffs as dense as quicksand sinkholes, however (e.g. the punchy stand-out title track with repeated chant/promise: “Life ain’t always empty…”).

Very much a vehicle for The Gospel According To Grian Chatten, A Hero’s Death intersperses body-slamming peaks with moments of moody introspection before instrumentation pares right back to illuminate penultimate track, the sweetly-sung Sunny. We’re then encouraged to make peace with the struggle (“Just appreciate the grey”) throughout closing statement, No.

If this Irish quintet’s brutal debut Dogrel charged straight through the guts of the mosh, A Hero’s Death levitates, dealing well-timed sucker-punches from on high.

A Hero’s Death by Fontaines D.C. is out now via Partisan/Liberator.

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