Album cover artwork for Fontaines D.C. with yellow vinyl record popping outHaunting, mournful and full of a simmering, relentless rage, Skinty Fia is an unravelling of sorts.

It’s music that sets you on edge, knee bouncing in anticipation of the moment singer Grian Chatten’s drawling baritone drops out and the instrumentation wails a symphony of chaos and cultural angst.

With every release, Fontaines D.C. consistently produce music that is utterly unique. It is truly difficult to compare or contrast the Irish outfit to any other group, when their material remains, at its core, reflective of very singular and personal experiences. Fists clenched against the world, howling in defiance, there is a rareness to Fontaines D.C. that makes Skinty Fia another beautifully bold feather in their near-perfect cap.

Skinty Fia by Fontaines D.C. is out April 22 via Partisan/Liberator.

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