Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold Album CoverOn ninth album Concrete and Gold, the Foos aren’t denying their steamrolling force as veteran bigwigs of rock – but they absolutely have ideas and are taking risks.

Run is metal-vicious, The Sky Is A Neighbourhood’s lo-fi vocals sound like they were recorded on a phone in a granny flat while angular cries of electric guitar bang on the windows, Make It Right has a stellar tripping drum beat, Happy Ever After (Zero Hour) is a cute as hell acoustic ditty, and the tip-toe dirge of the title track and album closer opens into a slow, majestic, ragged supernova. The lyrics – often the first victim when a band have lost inventiveness – haven’t devolved into platitudes but could stand alone as slivers of poetry. Grohl and company remain enormously imaginative; this one is worth your time.

Concrete and Gold is out September 15 via Sony.

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In the September issue of STACK, you’ll find a rather rad board game based on the actual festival site map of Foo Fighters’ Cal Jam 17 – and we got Dave and Taylor to try their luck rolling the dice!