Album cover artwork for Frank Carter with black vinyl record sticking outSticky kicks like a bullet from a gun and barrels into you without warning – aggressive, frantic and threatening to cave your chest in, if you don’t keep up.

Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes have never been particularly polished, favouring agitating basslines over pretty poetry. That being said, there is a clarity in the production on this record, and it adds a sharpness we haven’t previously seen but gladly welcome.

It’s not hard to picture the live shows that will accompany this pulsing, relentless album: sweaty mosh pits roiling and churning like the ocean, shouted vocals over unyielding guitars, joy and rage battling together. It’s another strong piece of work from a UK punk scene that is only going from strength to strength.

Sticky by Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes is out now via AWAL/Inertia.

Check out the notoriously creepy clip for Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes’ 2017 hit Wild Flowers.

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