Frank Iero BarriersIn 2016 Frank Iero was touring Australia, and was involved in a serious crash between a bus and his tour van. It was this near-death experience that spurred him to write Barriers, his third solo album.

The former My Chemical Romance axe man has crafted a record about existential crisis, vulnerability, and the barriers he’s built around himself to fight it, finished off with equal parts optimism and dismay.

Barriers launches itself with the grandiose A New Day Is Coming – a jubilant organ-led song which shakes off any expectations. Fever Dream thrashes through its bridge, Ode To Destruction does precisely what it says it’ll do and Six Feet Down Under directly reflects upon Iero’s accident, filtered through an exchange between himself and his therapist.

Iero has stated that he can’t commit to making more music after this album, but he also said that after his last album, and here we are: hearing his most accomplished body of work to date.

Barriers is out May 31 via UNFD.

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