G Flip About Us album coverThe little broken-heart-eyes on the face of JeReMo – the digitally-animated bass skin on G Flip’s drumkit, named for her beloved, passed percussion teacher – indicate the romantic chronicle that’s the polestar for this gorgeously dreamy but full-bodied debut.

Several promises Georgia Flipo made to herself over the last three years have come true via the young musician’s insanely robust work ethic (a skim through her insta account proves her clairvoyancy), but you can’t force love. And yet, the woman for whom Flipo wrote these dynamic tales returned to her life just as the music industry started to open up to her.

For someone as obsessed with rhythm as G Flip, she also has a falcon’s grip on melodic pop hooks which are both meaty and fluid as rain. Her vocals can belt boldly or come in ultra-close, as in the exhilarating single Bring Me Home (the video for which is a total must-see, documenting a marathon drumming session: ” I wrote an emotional song so I wanted to pair it with a just as emotional film clip,” she’s said. “I drummed until I physically couldn’t anymore – six hours straight – until my hands shed their skin and my body was in physical pain.”).

About Us is as deep a stamp into the red wax of 2019 as we’re likely to hear. It’s also, without question, only the beginning for G Flip.

About Us by G Flip is out August 30 via Future Classic.

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