Gang Gang Dance KazuashitaA persistent myth holds that every seven years each cell in the body is replaced, making us essentially new people. Biological evidence points to a different story – various cells have different lifespans; some change rapidly and others last a lifetime.

Both these views seem relevant when talking about the latest album from Gang Gang Dance. It’s been seven years since the experimental New York band released the era-defining Eye Contact. In some ways we recognise them immediately in the innovative rhythms, vocals, samples and melodies. In other ways the band are as different as 2011 and 2018. We can trace lines of change and growth in these new songs full of tension and beauty. Bandmember Lizzi Bougatsos says “I think if we had a religion, nature would definitely be our religion.” The ability to harness these forces gives an unstoppable power to their music.

Gang Gang Dance are back. Gang Gang Dance never left.

Kazuashita is out now via 4AD/Remote Control.

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