Gang Of Youths Go Farther In LightnessJust as Bruce Springsteen’s first records affected our parents, so too Gang Of Youths are finding the heartbeat of a new generation.

The five-piece’s debut album The Positions (2015) and its EP epilogue Let Me Be Clear dealt with many demons: losing loved ones, suicide and drug addiction. While they were an autobiographical collection of frontman Dave Le’aupepe’s deepest (and sometimes darkest) thoughts, Go Farther In Lightness is the singer’s self-described ‘healing’ album.  The record is long (just over 75 minutes), but never overstays its welcome. Each song builds expertly, and tempos sway like tides. Parts will make you throw a defiant fist in the air (Atlas Drowned) and in other moments, sombre reflection is only appropriate (Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane). Le’aupepe’s emotional vocal is each track’s initial attraction, but what really shines is the intricate instrumental detail: the crescendo of drums in Say Yes To Life, the shimmering symbols of Persevere, the background chatter in the title track, or the trio of violin-led interludes (L’imaginaire, Le Symbolique and Le Réel) that play out like natural mood swings. Closer Say Yes To Life is the triumphant answer to lead single What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?, radiating bright-eyed optimism, humanism and oozing life.

Go Farther In Lightness is out August 18 via Sony.

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