ALbum cover artwork for Geoffrey O'Connor“We are our memory… that chimerical museum of shifting shapes, that pile of broken mirrors” writes author Jorge Luis Borges in his poem In Praise of Darkness.

At any moment we absorb only a fraction of the life around us, and retain even less. From these fragments of fragments we build the story of our lives, unreliable witnesses to our own existence.

Geoffrey O’Connor sifts through the pieces on his poignant and playful new album For as Long As I Can Remember. But he’s not alone. Each song is a duet with one of Australia’s most acclaimed modern singers, including Jonnine (HTRK), Sarah Mary Chadwick, Laura Jean and Sui Zhen.

Together they trace the outlines of lost loves, former flames and moonlit nights staring at the ceiling. Sometimes the details are vague, or disputed, but the emotions are always crystal clear and deeply felt. O’Connor’s transportive synth-pop and new wave arrangements balance intimacy with widescreen drama. The album plays like a lost collection of last dance standards straight from the Road House jukebox.

The album closes on Love Is Your Best Friend, like a Cohen ballad rich with wry aphorisms.

“Love walks you through a lazy one night stand / Love plays you through an X-Box wonderland.
Because love, love is your best friend.”

And the final words from Stephanie Crase of Summer Flake, an apt tribute to the solace of selective memory:

“Love forgives the things you may wind up regretting.
Love forgets the days you wouldn’t mind forgetting.”

For As Long As I Can Remember by Geoffrey O’Connor is out August 6, via Chapter Music.

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