last christmas OSTOpening with the title track, Last Christmas is a collection of (mostly remastered) Wham! and George Michael favourites including Freedom! ’90, Too Funky and Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

The soundtrack also features a previously unreleased track, This Is How (We Want To Get High), which was recorded prior to Michael’s death in 2016 and opens with plucked strings underscoring his soulful, wistful singing before funky guitar and Latin dance rhythms take hold. An astounding live version of Praying For Time highlights Michael’s flawless vocal delivery, passion oozing through every syllable. Elsewhere, we admire the way Michael makes exasperation sound sexy (Fantasy), his staccato vocal delivery (Faith) and absolutely everything about Wham!’s masterpiece, Everything She Wants.

The Last Christmas OST is out now via Sony.

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