Georgia MaqAnyone who’s ever heard Camp Cope knows Georgia Maq’s singular strength as a songwriter.

Camp Cope’s debut arrived in 2015, captivating listeners with its stories: experiences of shiftwork in a hospital, the minutiae of sharehouse living in Footscray, and more broadly questions around gender and identity. How to Socialise and Make Friends landed with equal impact in 2018. with Georgia’s insightful lyrics striking deep chords over the album’s folk and punk-infused arrangements.

Pleaser, Georgia’s official solo debut arrives as something of a surprise, just weeks before the end of the decade. The guitars are mostly missing, so too the drum kits. They’re replaced by hazy synth leads, experimental beats and techno rhythms, produced in collaboration with longtime friend Darcy Baylis, and experimental pop prodigy Katie Dey. But what’s not surprising at all is the resonant poetry to be found here. Georgia focuses her attention on the biggest, most elusive subject of all, love.

“All kinds of love,” Georgia mentions in a statement. “Love that you walked away from so you could love yourself, unrequited love, forgiving love, love with no point to it.”

Georgia’s magic is in binding the contradictions of heartbreak, self-discovery and self-acceptance, her songs charged with power and vulnerability.

Pleaser by Georgia Maq is out now via Poison City Records.

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