Ghostpoet Dark Days CanapesThree seconds in and already the mood is clear. A wordless cry, close clattering drums, subterranean chords and faint sonar signals: this is uneasy, compelling listening.

Ghostpoet’s fourth album follows the Mercury Prize-nominated Shedding Skin of 2015, and is marked by a more experimental rock and guitar-based sound than earlier beat-based records. Ghostpoet’s abundant energy and insight continue to shine, sharper and clearer than ever: like a single point of light in a darkened room you can’t look away from. And if you were in any doubt about the album title, Ghostpoet makes it clear the focus is on our present tense. Songs are filled with humour and horror, and solace. In his own words: “I want people to listen to the songs and be able to say, ‘So it isn’t just me then? Phew”. It’s a relief indeed to have albums this good, in times when we need them.

Dark Days + Canapes is out August 18 via PIAS/Inertia.

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