GUM Out In The World album coverGUM is the solo moniker of Jay Watson (Tame Impala/POND) and album number five sees the multi-instrumental wizard teasing out shards of clarity to illuminate collective confusion.

Opener Weightless In LA evokes rainbows reflected in raindrops on roses and Many Tears To Cry‘s falsetto “oo”s will coax closed-eye grins, guaranteed. The title track’s descending verse melody calls to mind Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer and your internal jukebox might also detect delectable traces of Boston’s More Than A Feeling within GUM’s Down The Dream.

Low To Low is a bliss-bomb explosion and then Ultravox-esque synth effects counterpoise dinky toy xylophone during pragmatic closer, You Make Your Own Luck.

At once nostalgic and futuristic, Out In The World will blow your tiny mind like a gravity bong compression session.

Out In The World by GUM is out Friday June 12 via Spinning Top Records/Caroline.

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