GUM-The-UnderdogInterplanetary jackaroo Jay Watson is coming straight for your third eye on new album The Underdog, under his solo moniker GUM.

Breakbeats dawdle then pound, glistening electronics march across the bridge of your nose, and disco rhythms accompany synth supernovas, as Watson describes the micro-troughs and macro-peaks of his mind. Like his other two musical projects (Tame Impala and Pond), GUM mines psychedelic electronica and cosmic rock, but the difference here is his grasp of melody; these songs lodge in your head more effectively than a Sherbie in your molar.

Track three is titled S.I.A and stands for Say It Again – “I’ll say it again, but you won’t understand,” repeated times a hundred. I think it’s reverse psychology because despite The Underdog‘s weirdness I feel as if I totally comprehend this reflection of one person’s place on our rotating “blue marble.”

The Underdog is out now via Caroline.

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