Hanson ChristmasYou think of them as that one song, but after six albums and a lifetime of relentless touring, Hanson have quietly become one of the most consistent rock bands on the planet. How do they bring life to the bloated, shambling zombie of holiday season standards?

First, by opening Finally It’s Christmas with a vigorous soul romp of the same name. The expectation is that these records are played through the house, the soundtrack for unwrapping gifts and stuffing faces, but the Springsteen-meets-Brian Wilson scope of this title track deserves all the decibels you’ve got. This sets the blueprint for the rest of the record, taking on greats like Elvis, Aretha, and Stevie Wonder in turns both reverent and electrifying in a way that oughta please pop fans across generational lines.

If you’re looking for something to play on the 25th, this will cover you, but it equally serves as a reminder that Hanson’s pop songwriting chops are beyond question. After all, Santa makes year-end lists like the rest of us – some of these tracks deserve to be on yours.

Finally It’s Christmas is out October 27 via Liberator.
Below, watch the belter single Finally It’s Christmas as well as a special message from the Hanson boys to their JB lovin’ fans.

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