Harmony-Double-Negative-CoverThere’s two outcomes to a double negative: a negative (“I didn’t say nothing”) or a positive (“I didn’t not do it”). It’s a weird and fascinating and contradictory phenomenon, and so is the brutal beauty of Harmony’s new album.

In a voice so raw it’s jerking on the plate, Tom Lyngcoln sings: “Silence in the halls, one thing rings true: this tragic devotional, devoted to you,” as he bears up his self-sliced heart. What is this song called? Indifference. Although Lyngcoln’s lyrics often rhyme with a deliberate pattern, he still sounds like he’s telling stories that are just tumbling out; as always, seraphic harmonies from Erica Dunn, Amanda Roff and Quinn Veldhuis are sudden moonlight on the turgid sea. Harmony have delivered another terribly original basket of melancholic punk rock.

Double Negative is out now via Poison City.

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