Album cover artwork for Ultra Mono by IDLESEngland’s punk saviours IDLES return with album number three, bursting straight out of the cannon with defiant opening track War.

Urgent guitars weave in and out on the propulsive Mr. Motivator, vocalist Joe Talbot snarling and yelping over the instruments, even going on to deliver a dog’s barks on Kill Them with Kindness. Model Village is a cutting critique of class, and sees Talbot rap his vocals in a manner reminiscent of Phil Daniels’ iconic monologue in Blur’s Parklife.

The band’s deeply political roots remain ever-present: both Anxiety and Reigns are fiery indictments of their government’s mistreatment of the working class.

Ultra Mono is the straight-to-the-point, straight-to-the-jugular rock that IDLES do best.

Ultra Mono by IDLES is out September 25 via Partisan Records/Liberation.
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