Internet Hive MindThe hardest band to search for online is back after a brief hiatus, with some of the slinkiest jams you’ll listen to this year; the time they’ve taken to stretch their individual creative minds on solo projects has paid huge dividends on Hive Mind.

Aptly-titled opener Come Together sums up the neo-soul collective’s fourth effort. At the core of the album is the five-piece’s commitment to leaning into each other’s eccentricities: Smith pushes the boundaries of contemporary soul drumming (Bravo); Patrick Paige III delivers spine-shaking, hip-flinging basslines (Beat Goes On); and Steve Lacy’s sleek riffs are rounded off by funk-whisperer Matty Martians’ illuminating beats.

While the aforementioned make up the smoothest ride of 2018, that ride can’t go anywhere without a driver, and Syd – with the help of Lacy – cuts lyrical laps on Hive Mind. Seductive jam Stay The Night is a confident come-hither glance across the room, likewise the saucy Come Over.

Separately, The Internet are great. But together, they might just be unstoppable.

Hive Mind is out July 20 via Columbia/Sony.

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