Album cover artwork for Jack White with black vinyl record popping outDemented, distorted keys, primal-screeching guitars and strutting drums usher in Fear of the Dawn‘s dangerous, addictive opener.

As hard-hitting sounds ping-pong wildly between left and right earbuds, we brace ourselves for a bluesy rock’n’roll baptism while fighting the urge to fling both arms in the air – as if plummeting down a rollercoaster’s steep descent – before witty rhyming lyrics seal the deal: “When you listen to mystics/ As you lay out your picnics…”

Somewhat like Prince before him, White’s guitar-playing majesty never seems to receive the accolades it so richly deserves – what the flamin’ heck are those droid sounds he wrenches out during this record’s title track, which boasts a relentless, galloping tempo akin to Wolfmother’s Woman!?

Ominous keys usher in The White Raven’s hardcore industrial rave and Q-Tip collab Hi-De-Ho is as off-kilter and phantasmagorical as its title suggests, with White sampling Cab Calloway before the A Tribe Called Quest rapper contributes some scatting of his own.

The first of two albums the musician will release this year (his self-described “more mellow” set, Entering Heaven Alive, is scheduled to follow in July), Fear of the Dawn is sickeningly good. Oh, how we’ve missed White unleashing his brilliantly bonkers brand of blues-infested rock’n’roll fury! And the drumming slaps hard throughout. “Are you taking me back?” White inquires during the lead single, before taunting (probably with one perfectly arched eyebrow raised), “I’ll bet you do!”

In Fear of the Dawn’s wake, we’re officially even more obsessed with White. And the blue hue of his current ‘do is *chef’s kiss*.

Fear of the Dawn by Jack White is out April 8 via Third Man Records.

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