Album cover artwork for JapandroidsThe premise of Japandroids’ records is living, loving, and dying in ways larger than life.

Blood-curdling howls and brain-scrambling loudness underscore a ritualistic zeal for rousing and sometimes nonsensical lyrics, pointing at a universe greater than our own. So how do they do taking real life and shrinking it down to record size?

They wouldn’t be the first to put the ‘mass’ in Massey. Brain King’s guitars reverberate in a chaotic wall of noise, David Prowse’s drums are turned way up, and as it speeds up and slows down it brings all the strength of live performance to bear. It’s been a minute since you’ve seen a real show. Let this remind you what you’ve been missing.

Massey F-cking Hall by Japandroids is out October 2 via Pod.

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