Jeff Rosenstock POSTThe compelling third solo album from Long Island punk Jeff Rosenstock weaves between catchy and anthemic (Yr Throat, Melba) and dejected and sad (TV Stars, 9/10).

It’s an honest, absorbing, 40-minute tip of the hat to 2016’s WORRY with an emotionally numb shake of the head at the shifting (read: dying) political landscape in America at the moment – “Tired and poor, tired and poor,” he shouts down the microphone over and over again during second track USA. It’s hard to tell if these calls are autobiographical or social commentary – the title suggest the latter, though I’m not convinced. Rosenstock plays the sad American really well, his despondence echoing many referential entries in the musical canon since Trump’s election. However, final track Let Them Win gives me hope that there might still be a little fight left in him.

POST- is out now via Sideonedummy/Warner.

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