Album cover art for Jenny Mitchell with white vinyl record popping outIf you hear the spectre of Fields of Gold in the art of celebrated, 23-year-old NZ artist Jenny Mitchell, you sure ain’t the only one.

From dark folk to the sweetest harmonies that’d make even Karen Carpenter dab her eyes, on fresh LP Tug of War this gobsmacking singer-songwriter has crafted a musical journey which traverses the zeniths and nadirs of her young life. Her her singularly graceful voice can swing from frank to fragile on a dime, and it curls around subtle arrangements which utilise acoustic guitar, banjo, gently warbling Rhodes, and textured kit.

There’s even a collab with fellow Kiwi troubadour Tami Neilsen, Trouble Finds a Girl, which is a brilliantly-executed skewering of victim-blaming; its strings and bell-like keys evoke some of the most beautiful moments of Beck’s Seachange album.

Having been in the biz for 10 years (if you’ve got a VPN, watch baby Jenny nail it on New Zealand’s Got Talent as a 14-year-old!), it’s clear Mitchell’s maturity isn’t put-on. But Tug of War shows that this scintillating performer has plenty of gas in the tank – she’s an artist whose abiding curiosity about the world is worn on her sleeve.

Count us as right up-front on the Mitchell float.

Tug of War by Jenny Mitchell is out July 22 via Cooking Vinyl.

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