Albumn cover artwork for Jess Locked with vinyl record popping outJess Locke expands her repertoire of anthems for the disenchanted on Don’t Ask Yourself Why, the Melbourne songwriter’s third release and most cohesive statement yet.

Effortlessly oscillating between high energy and quiet contemplation, Locke’s lyrics are the centrepiece of the record as she gives voice to her existentialist dread and complexities with remarkable insight – revealing her insecurities and self-destructive moments in a steadfast tone.

Taking her production up a gear gives further weight to her words, with the full band arrangements heightening tension and enhancing Locke’s overall sound. This is a record that possesses great depth and humanity, two traits that will be associated with Locke’s music for many years to come.

Don’t Ask Yourself Why by Jess Locke is out March 26 via EMI/Universal.

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